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Startups Today: Intellectual Property, Pension & Solar

Startups are the lifeblood of the modern economy, and they need to be supported and nurtured in order to thrive. From protecting intellectual property to unlocking pension funds and exploring solar technology, there are a number of ways to ensure that startups are given the best chance of success.

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When it comes to protecting intellectual property, it is important for startups to take a holistic approach. This includes thinking about the company's geographic location, the types of IP that may support the business, and the people who need to be involved in the strategy and execution of the IP approach. It is important to start with the “why” and think about where the company is in the market and the space it takes up vis-à-vis competitors. This will help to ensure that the company is taking the right steps to protect its intellectual property.

Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt outlined a host of reforms that would allow pensioners to reap the long-term returns from investments in privately-held startups. These measures include an agreement among the country's largest defined contribution pension providers to allocate 5% of assets in their default funds to unlisted equities by 2030, as well as the introduction of an online platform to make it easier for pensioners to invest in startups.

In other news, Crown Ventures, a startup accelerator dedicated to empowering Orthodox founders, has announced the launch of Cohort Two. This 90-day accelerator program provides participants with access to business development resources, funding opportunities, and an exclusive network of investors.

Finally, the Netherlands is leading the way in making buildings greener by covering them with solar panels. Dutch startups are specialising in solar roofs and facades that look great and generate energy. Examples include ZigZagSolar, Solar Visuals, Kameleon Solar, and Exasun. The Dutch government has announced funding for next-generation solar technologies, and investment in European solar startups is up 398% on last year. This is creating a great opportunity for startups to explore ways to harness the power of the sun. Startups are the future of the economy, and it is important to ensure that they have the resources and support they need to succeed.

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