Tech Startups Cambridge ma - Top funded companies in 2018


Tech Startups Cambridge, Massachusetts - Top Funded Companies in 2018

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  1. Generation Bio - $125,000,000. Generation Bio aims to do what no other gene therapy platform has yet accomplished: to deliver titratable, re-dosable genetic medicines with drug-like properties to patients with a wide range of genetic diseases.
  2. Rubius Therapuetics - $100,000,000Rubius® is using advanced cellular therapies that harness the unique, inherent properties of red cells and marry them to the creative power of genetic engineering.
  3. Beam Therapuetics - $87,000,000. Beam is pioneering the use of CRISPR base editing to treat disease, one letter at a time.
  4. Fulcrum Therapuetics - $80,000,000. Fulcrum develops new medicines to deliver a new future for patients and their families by transforming gene regulation in disease.
  5. Fog Pharmaceuticals - $66,000,000. FogPharma’s cell-penetrating miniproteins (CPMPs) are a broad new class of medicines that can drug targets beyond the reach of conventional therapeutics.
  6. Commonwealth Fusion Systems - $64,600,000. Combining proven physics backed by decades of government-funded fusion research with a revolutionary superconducting magnet technology to accelerate the path to commercial fusion energy.
  7. Avrobio - $60,000,000. AVROBIO is developing lentiviral-based gene therapies that have the potential to transform patients' lives in a single dose.
  8. Magenta Therapuetics - $52,000,000. Magenta is developing novel medicines to transform all aspects of bone marrow transplant and create a life-saving platform for many diseases.
  9. Evelo Biosciences - $47,500,000. Evelo is pioneering therapies that modulate systemic immune response by acting on the gut-body network - monoclonal microbials
  10. Scholar Rock - $47,000,000. Scholar Rock® is discovering and developing a pipeline of innovative new medicines to treat a range of serious diseases with high unmet medical need.


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