Top 10 Tech Startup Fundings for Week Ending 9/2/2017

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Company Description Amount Execs/Directors Location Mote Details
1.) Betterment Betterment LLC provides financial products and advisory services in the United States.    $70 million
Related persons:
Jonathan Stein; Executive Officer, Director
Rob Stavis; Director
Philip Riese; Director
 2.) MycoTechnology  MycoTechnology Inc., a food technology company, develops and delivers a fermentation process using gourmet fungi to transforms agricultural products to improve taste, value, and health.  $35 million  Alan Hahn; Executive Officer, Director
Pete Lubar; Director
Scott Homer; Director 
Aurora, CO
 3.) Truveris  Truveris, Inc. operates a health information technology company that develops provides management tools to sponsors of and payers of claims under prescription benefit plans.  $24.7 million   Stephen Bloch; Director
Brian Hirsch; Director
Vijay Lathi; Director
4.) HZO   HZO, Inc. manufactures liquid protection solutions to devices and electronics in technical, industrial, medical, and consumer industries worldwide $24.7 million  Donald Blohm; Director
Patrick Poon; Director
Ryan Pollock; Director
 Draper, Utah 
 5.) Super Evil Mega  Super Evil Megacorp develops games for tablets. Its games deliver console-quality graphics, precision controls, and social game play experiences. $19.2 million  KRISTIAN SEGERSTRALE; Executive Officer, Director
San Mateo, CA
6.) Technology Keiretsu Technology Keiretsu, LLC, through its subsidiaries, provides information technology consulting services.  $18 million Bruce Flitcroft; Executive Officer, Director
M. Moretzsky; Director
Carl Ring, Jr.; Director
Morristown, NJ
 7.) Hippo Analytics Hippo offers online home insurance for first time home buyers. The company is based in the United States  $14.3 million  Assaf Wand; Director  Mountain View, CA
 8.) Helios & Matheson Analaytics  Helios Corp produces nutritional ingredients. $10 million   Theodore Farnsworth; Executive Officer, Director
Stuart Benson; Executive Officer
Parthasarathy Krishnan; Executive Officer
Santa Fe, NM
 9.) Mytonomy  Mytonomy, Inc. provides microlearning software and specialized content solutions for patient education.    $5.2 million Anjali Kataria; Executive Officer, Director
Vinay Bhargava; Executive Officer, Director
Nicholas Pappas; Director 
Bethesda, MD 
 10.) ChromaDex ChromaDex is natural products company based in Irvine, California   $5.1 million  Frank Jaksch; Executive Officer, Director
Robert Fried; Executive Officer, Director
Thomas Varvaro; Executive Officer
 Irvine, CA