Top 10 Tech Startup Fundings for Week Ending 1/17/2017

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Company Description Amount Execs/Directors Location Mote Details
1.) Collective INC, Collective, Inc., a marketing agency, provides multi-screen advertising solutions that help brands connect with their audience. $14 million
Kerry Bianchi; Executive Officer, Director
Michelle Nathan; Executive Officer
 2.)Salesforce Com Inc., Inc. is an American cloud computing company headquartered in San Francisco, California. $11 million  Marc Benioff; Executive Officer, Director
Keith Block; Executive Officer, Director
Craig Conway; Director
San Francisco, CA
 3.) Praedicat, Inc. Praedicat improves the underwriting and management of liability catastrophe risk by providing science-based risk analytics. $6 million  Robert Reville; Executive Officer
Lisa Gallagher; Executive Officer
James Thomson; Director
Los Angeles, CA

4.) Sandstone Diagnostics Inc Integrated wellness technology that empowers consumers to measure, monitor, and improve their health at home. $5 million  Gregory Sommer; Executive Officer, Director
Karen Drexler; Executive Officer, Director
Richard Brenner; Director
Livermore, CA

 5.) Cogent3D, Inc. Cogent3D is a privately held software business based in Tucso. $5.6 million  Aaron Hutchinson; Executive Officer, Director
Richard Clark; Executive Officer, Director
Mohan Tavorath; Director
Tucson, AZ

6.) Global Uprising, PBC Global Uprising, PBC, doing business as Cotopaxi, designs, manufactures, and sells outdoor products $4.9 million Davis Smith; Executive Officer, Director
Stephan Jacob; Director
Ellie Wheeler; Director
Salt Lake City, UT

 7.) Performitiv, LLC Performitiv provides a data-driven way to measure and improve line of business performance.   $2.5 million

Kent Barnett; Executive Officer

Chicago, Ill

 8.) Fibroblast, Inc. Fibroblast offers a cloud-based practice management tool that facilitates online patient self-scheduling and instant cross-referrals. $2 million  Scott Vold; Executive Officer, Director
Andrew Albert; Executive Officer
Kevin Weinstein; Director
Chicago, Ill

 9.) Emprove, Inc. Emprove Services Inc. provides management consulting and operational support services to IT organizations and IT departments in the areas of Change and Transformation Management, Business Analysis, Project/Program Management and Training design and delivery.  $2 million James Noel; Executive Officer, Director
Andrew Pascal; Executive Officer, Director
Las Vegas, NV

 10.) Knightscope, Inc.  Knightscope, Inc. (also known as Knightscope) was founded in 2013, and is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. The goal of Knightscope is to design, build and deploy Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs), which are used to monitor crimes in malls, parking lots, and neighborhoods.  $1.9 million William Li; Executive Officer, Director, Promoter  Mountain View, CA