An Overiew & Brief History of Fundz' Startup Companies Database

Since 2016, Fundz has been leveraging our proprietary technology to capture SEC filings of new startup companies that just received funding. 

Our goal in developing Fundz was to make this information much more accessible, searchable and user friendly, so our customers could quickly find, learn about and connect with the specific types of startup companies they were interested in, that just raised funding.

Fundz presents this information is a very user friendly interface and let you create filters and search by company, industry, locations and funding range. Fundz currently has fundings from tens of thousands of startup companies in our database.

In 2019, Fundz added integrated emails and domains when available. Then in 2020, Fundz added in beta release company issued news of new fundings.

The addition of company news provides a brand new data source, as sometimes companies will issue news before making a government filing, or vice-versa. The addition of news also adds startup company fundings from around the world.

Today, Fundz has customers from around the world, including individual, team and API subscriptions. 


How to Access Fundz

You can access Fundz by signing up for an individual Fundz Pro subscription, as part of a team subscription, or via an API subscription. Individual subscriptions are $10/month, cancel anytime and you can sign-up here.

Contact us if you are interested in a team or API subscription.


Connecting Ahead of Your Direct Competitors is the Key

With technology to surface domain names and emails of stealth mode startups within minutes of their SEC filing or news release, (when verifiable) Fundz is often the first and only database to have this aggregated information in one place.

This provides a distinct sales advantage for our customers to connect and market to just funded companies ahead of their competitors. 

Harvard & Berkeley research has proven the first salesperson representing a particular product or service ultimately wins many more of the deals. 


Export a List of Some of the Best Startup Companies with Recent Funding

Fundz lets you export lists of new fundings (up to 500 records at a time) with added contacts emails and domains when available. Here is an example.


Stay Updated on Funded Startup Companies with our Chrome Extension 

Fundz' Chrome extension means you are always just a click away on new fundings that match your filters for locations, industries and funding range.


View your Stream of New Startup Companies with Funding on Mobile

View your stream of newly funded companies wherever you are, customized to your locations, geographies and funding ranges.


The Best Pricing & Terms Anywhere

Fundz is only $10/month, cancel anytime. No hidden fees or limitations in views, access, or times you can export.