Introducing Fundz: Sales Trigger Event Software

Fundz is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution built from the ground up to keep business professionals informed about sales trigger events important to them, as they happen.

What's a sales trigger event?

A sales trigger event can broadly be defined as any occurence that creates an opening for a sales or marketing opportunity. Just some examples are companies receiving new funding, executive changes, mergers & acquisitions and new product announcements. 

Why Fundz?

Before Fundz, there simply wasn't a way to track multiple types of sales trigger events without using a lot of tools, alerts and websites, leading to a lot of lost time, money and most importantly - lost opportunities.  

Since there weren't any software as a service (SaaS) solutions focused exclusively on being a provider of sales trigger events, we knew it was time to build an all-in-one sales trigger event platform, so people could track in real-time and from one place the sales trigger events that matterted to them and access this information wherever they were.

What specifically does Fundz do?

Fundz aggregates thousands of company, industry and funding announcements per day, then integrates this information into our database of millions of company records. On top of this all, we've create advanced filtering, searching and a real-time alert system.

The result? Our customers receive continuous updates of new sales trigger events as they occur, tailored to the specific locations, industries and companies that matter to them, all accessible from anywhere any device. This lets Fundz customers not just work much more efficiently, connect with companies at just the right time, ahead of their competition, which means everything in sales.

Whether your organization is targeting startups or selling to large enterprises, Fundz keeps your team informed by geography, industry and/or target accounts, for dozens of important sales trigger events, such as:

  • Funding Rounds
  • New Executives
  • New Customer Announcements
  • Company Expansion
  • Company Relocation
  • New Product/Service Announcement
  • Competitive Product/Service Announcement
  • Major Competitive Move
  • Bad Quarter
  • Good Quarter
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Major Industry Development
  • New Legislation
  • Increase in Expenses
  • Awards
  • Analyst Reports
  • Entrance into New Markets
  • Event Announcements

Fundz also has a powerful API available for licensing. If you're interested in powering your product with Fundz, contact us.