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How to Find and Maintain a List of the Best Startup Companies

DataRobot Raises $100 Million in Series D Funding Round

Boston based DataRobot, which develops technology to automate the process of building and operationalizing machine learning models, has raised $100 million in a Series D funding round, bringing its total funding to $225 million. The company's series a funding was back in 2014, when the team raised $21 million, led by New Enterprise Associates.

Fundz Introduces Hunter Integration


What is a Series A Funding Term Sheet?

Whether it is a Series A funding or another funding round, each round of financing has its own terms and definitions. Normally when you begin the negotiations with an outside investment firm, a term sheet, or summary of their proposed terms for investment, is presented.

How to Get Series A Funding


One of the most common questions asked by aspiring entrepreneurs is how to get a Series A funding.

Tech Startups in San Francisco - Top Funding Rounds So Far In 2018

For tech startups in the San Francisco, here are some of the largest technology and biotechnology related venture capital funding rounds, so far in 2018.

tech startups san francisco

Chicago Tech Startups - Top Ten Funding Rounds So Far in 2018

In looking at tech startups in the windy city, here are the largest technology and biotechnology related venture capital funding rounds so far in 2018, for Chicago.


How To Think of Tech Startup Ideas With The Right Mindset

Close up image of human hand holding electrical bulb in darkness

Many of us had read the inspirational stories of people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Elon Musk and at least briefly wondered "How do I come up with a tech startup idea so I can even achieve even a small fraction of the success that they have found?"

Creating the Best Startup List for Sales Prospecting

Is your company targeting startups in the United States? If so, understanding the startup landscape, where to focus and how to continuously find new companies to target can be crucial to your success in generating b2b sales leads.

How to Connect With And Win More Deals From Recently Funded Startups


One of the most common questions I get is what is my prospecting process in regards to recently funded startups, since new funding rounds are great sales trigger events. Specifically, how do I identify, connect with and set the stage to ultimately earn their trust and business.